Vernis Cuccio Pro Collection

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Couleur Cuccio : 2 am in Hollywood, A Kiss in Paris, Bali Bliss, Beijing Night Glow, Chakra, Chillin in Chile, Costa Rican Sunset, Cream & Sugar, Cuppa Cuccio, Flirt, Heart & Seoul, Hearts Of Fire, Hong Kong Harbor, I left my heart in San Francisco, Kyoto Cherry Blossoms, Lifes a Peach, Los Angeles Lush, Nantucket Navy, Oh my Prague, Oh Naturalé, On the Nile Blue, Pisa my heart, Playing in Playa Del Carmen, Pompei It Forward, Positively Positano, Red eye to Shanghai, Rio Carnival, Romania after dark, See it all in Montreal, Shaking my Morocco, Skin to Skin, Soaked in Seattle, Texas Rose, Totally Tokyo

Format: 13 mL

Type de vernis : Vernis

2 am in Hollywood
A Kiss in Paris
Bali Bliss
Beijing Night Glow
Chillin in Chile
Costa Rican Sunset
Cream & Sugar
Cuppa Cuccio
Heart & Seoul
Hearts Of Fire
Hong Kong Harbor
I left my heart in San Francisco
Kyoto Cherry Blossoms
Lifes a Peach
Los Angeles Lush
Nantucket Navy
Oh my Prague
Oh Naturalé
On the Nile Blue
Pisa my heart
Playing in Playa Del Carmen
Pompei It Forward
Positively Positano
Red eye to Shanghai
Rio Carnival
Romania after dark
See it all in Montreal
Shaking my Morocco
Skin to Skin
Soaked in Seattle
Texas Rose
Totally Tokyo
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